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Recruitment information

Let's become creators that shape the future

We repeat trial and error every day to support the future that our customers want to create. Wouldn’t you like to aim to be a professional in manufacturing with us?

Keep challenging with colleagues who have
technology and passion

Since our founding we have cultivated the technology of titanium processing, which is considered to be a difficult field among metal processing, by keep pursuing the spirit of inquiry and serious manufacturing. We respond to various customer’s requests from planning/commercialization to delivery.
In the future, we would like to continue progressing so that we can contribute not only to our local area but also all Japan and overseas as well. On the other hand, as titanium processing is a special technology, there are not enough engineers.
How about taking on a challenging job, improving your skills as a professional with us? Even if you are inexperienced in metalworking, our craftsmen will carefully guide you one by one. We are looking forward to the day when we can work with you that like manufacturing, machines, and to work hard.

Company Scenery
Company Scenery

Four characteristics of working at ARKHE

A company that fulfills "want to make"

With the technology we have cultivated since our founding and the spirit of sincere manufacturing, we give shape to our customers' requests. See professional skills up close and aim to become a professional together!

Company Scenery
Company Scenery

A company that supports
people who want to try

There is a qualification support system, and we support our employees' "want to try" from planning to manufacturing.

Growing company

Never satisfied with the status quo, we will continue to challenge new technologies. In the future, we will broaden our horizons and look to the future, and develop a wide range of businesses both in Japan and overseas with world-class technologies.

Company Scenery
Company Scenery

A company that
leads to the future

We aim to create a workplace where employees can both advance their careers and pursue life events, and nurture future generations together. Desired figure

Desired figure

Company Scenery

A person who can act on their own initiative

Being interested in everything and working towards realizing it will also lead to personal growth. We are waiting for those who like to challenge positively.

Company Scenery

Someone who likes to work hard

Skills are not acquired in one day. We are waiting for those who like manufacturing and can continue to work hard.

Company Scenery

A person who can trust and cooperate with others

The importance of “co-creation” is increasing year by year. We are waiting for those who respect diverse sense of values and are willing to create new values.

Application Requirements

Recruitment details

Occupation Non-ferrous metal processing engineer
Employment status Full-time employee
Business details Metal wire drawing processing, sheet metal rolling processing, laser processing operator, pressing work processing
Qualification requirements High school graduate or higher.
Work location 28-1 Minamiyamacho, Fukui City
Commuting by car Yes
Trial period 6 months
Working hours 9:00~18:00
Break time 12:00-13:00
Holiday Sundays, public holidays, 4 Saturdays a year to work
Annual holiday 117 days
Vacation Summer vacation, New Year holidays
Paid grant after 6 months 10 days


Enrollment insurance Employment insurance, industrial accident insurance, health insurance, welfare pension
Retirement age Yes Uniformly 60 years old
Re-employment system Yes Maximum 65 years old
Work extension Nothing

Application method

Please apply via the inquiry form (email) or by phone.
Factory tours are accepted at any time. Please contact us by phone.

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We are waiting for you.

Thank you for your interest in our company.
Please feel free to contact us and apply for employment here.