World standard
titanium processing technology
Create Titanium

High-precision and versatile
titanium processing
Create Titanium

We are professionals who
create quality that meets world standards


What we have cultivated is
world-class titanium
processing skills.

It is the crystallization of the desire that we have pursued since our founding, that is to "create what our customers need in world-class quality." We do not allow any compromises in any of the processes, always work with a spirit of challenge and exploration, and make use of our strengths that have been accumulated by dedicated work.

Business details

We are working on manufacturing with the motto
"The next process is performed by our customer"

Manufacture and sale of titanium materials

Manufacture and sale of titanium materials

We give shape to our customer’s requests with the technology cultivated through integrated production at our own factory.

Titanium parts manufacturing and processing

Titanium parts manufacturing and processing

We can perform a wide range of processes such as pressing, cutting, and welding, utilizing our high technology and local network.

Strengths of ARKHE



With state-of-the-art technology and skilled craftsmanship, we have achieved 0.01mm requests.



We control and manage product dimensions, shape, strength, etc. from manufacturing to shipping.



It is possible to respond to various requests such as prototyping.

Product introduction

ARKHE products handling "titanium"

Round wire


Our materials are mainly used for eyeglasses, watches, and b...

Sheet metal(pure titaniu…

Sheet metal

・Cut available to the size desired.
・Rolling available to...

Rim wire (for eyeglasses…

Rim wire

We manufacture not only round wires for rim wires production...

Overseas expansion

World-class titanium
processing quality that
realizes 0.01 mm
precision without compromise

With our deep expertise, technical know-how and commitment to quality, we are confident that we can meet the needs of all our customers, no matter how complex or challenging their requirements are. If you're looking for a partner to bring your ideas to life, count on our team of skilled craftsmen and material experts.

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Recruitment information

Sharpen your skills with titanium processing technology,
challenge the limitless possibilities, and open up the future

We always come up with new ideas and continue to take on challenges in order to realize the future envisioned by our customers. We sincerely welcome to work with people who aim to become professionals in manufacturing. Let's work together to open up the future.