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Contribute to society with manufacturing and processing technology

Under the motto of "The next process is the customer", we always work quickly, carefully, and accurately, being able to respond to requests in units of 0.01 mm.

Supporting customers from material manufacturing to sales


The technology we have cultivated,
world-class level manufacturing.

The processing of titanium requires high technology and deep knowledge. Skilled craftspeople who have improved their skills through the integrated production at our factory, challenge all possibilities and give form to customer requests.

Processing of round wires and straight materials

Round and straight wires are extended to uniform dimensions when passed through a special mold. This process is called wire drawing. The accuracy of processing without even the slightest error while maintaining a smooth surface has been highly evaluated in both Japan and overseas. Wire drawing is available from φ0.8 to 6.5 mm. It is possible to adjust the wire diameter error to a tolerance of ±0.005mm. While further improving the technology cultivated in the manufacture of eyeglass components, we are expanding sales channels in the fields of industrial products and medical care.

    Round wire

    Our materials are mainly used for eyeglasses, watches, and bicycle parts. Our original machine draws the wire according to the properties of the material, so the composition is uniform and there is no variation in the wire diameter. It is a round wire that pursues ease of use in the next process (=the process performed by the customer) and a beautiful finished product. In addition, since we draw the wires in our factory, we can control the strength, hardness and dimensional arrangements according to the customer’s request. All materials are made in Japan, and mill sheets can be attached.

    Shape Coil
    Steel type Pure titanium (JIS type 2, TW340), β titanium (Ti-22V-4Al, Ti-15-3-3-3), Ti-3Al-2.5V

    Straight material

    It is possible to make delivery in the form of straight material according to the customer's request. Please order your desired length. All materials are made in Japan, and mill sheets can be attached.

    Shape Straight
    Steel type Pure titanium (JIS type 2, TW340), β titanium (Ti-22V-4Al, Ti-15-3-3-3), Ti-3Al-2.5V

Rim wires and bending

ARKHE excels at manufacturing rim wires for spectacles, which is a type of deformed wire. In addition to delivery on bobbins, it is also possible to deliver the rim wires after bent according to the design of the eyeglasses lenses shape.

    Rim wire(For eyeglasses)

    We manufacture not only round wires for processing the grooves inside, but also molds in our own factory. Since the mold is designed with the utmost attention to every detail, the mechanical properties of the finished rim wire are steady. Without unevenness, it is a rim wire that is easy to bend. The V angle of the full-rim wire is symmetrical, and the groove shape of the semi-rimless wire is also steady. All materials are made in Japan, and mill sheets can be attached.

    Steel type β-titanium (Ti-22V-4Al, Ti-15-3-3-3), Ti-3Al-2.5V *Pure titanium grooved wires are also available.

Rerolling and shirring processing

By rerolling, it is possible to provide metal sheets with non-standard thicknesses. It generates "hardness" and "roughness" different from standard products. In addition, we can deliver the product after cut into the requested size using a shirring machine. Please feel free to contact us.

    Sheet Metal

    It is possible to process not only vertical and horizontal dimensions, but also non-standard "thickness". Please feel free to contact us to consult about the "hardness" and "surface roughness" of the finished product. All materials are made in Japan, and mill sheets can be attached.

    Pure titanium (JIS type 2, TP340)

    Standard size 1219 x 2438mm
    Thickness 1.0/1.5/1.8/2.0/2.2/2.5/3.0/4.0/
    Rolling processing range From 6.0 mm to 0.6 mm / Maximum rolling width 240 mm

    β Titanium (Ti-15-3-3-3)

    Standard size 800 x 1000mm
    Thickness 0.6/0.8/1.0mm

Processing of deformed wires

The cross section of metal wire, which is usually circular, is processed into various shapes. A high level of skill is required to even finish complex shapes. At ARKHE, we respond to a wide range of requests with our unique know-how and experience accumulated by our craftsmen.

    Deformed wire

    Various types of wires can be manufactured. Please contact us first so that we can provide you with a delivery date and price. All materials are made in Japan, and mill sheets can be attached.

    Steel type Pure titanium, stainless steel, etc.

Processing of press parts

We use press processing to manufacture parts of various sizes and shapes. For example, we manufacture metal cores (temple cores) that are inserted into the temples of plastic frames using press processing.

What is the temple core?
・Role to maintain the strength of the temple
・Receives the hinge that connects the front and temple
・The role of bending the tip of the core to maintain the fitting shape
・Role to improve design (we also process patterned cores.)

At ARKHE, we respond to a wide range of requests using our unique know-how and the experience accumulated by our craftsmen. As the number of parts manufacturers decreases, we will continue to contribute to the eyeglass industry through stable supply.

    Press parts

    With temple cores, we can manufacture cores of various sizes and shapes. There are also patterns available. The basic material is nickel silver. Please contact us first so we can provide you with delivery dates and prices. All materials are made in Japan.

    Steel type Nickel silver, Titanium, etc.


Trust that guarantees quality

In order to provide high standard products, we use advanced technology in the manufacturing. In addition, strict quality control is carried out to ensure quality. By inspecting all the surfaces of our products and complying with the highest quality standards, we are trusted by our customers.

Quality check flow chart

Under a rigorous inspection system, we carry out numerous checks on the product dimensions, shapes, strength, etc. All employees share a high awareness of quality in all processes, from manufacturing to shipping, and are pursuing further improvements every day.


Experts provide a one-stop service from consultation to delivery. Experienced specialists will assist, answering inquiries and providing a one-stop service from material selection to delivery, including material supply and technical support to respond to the customer’s requests.

Service contents

Experts who have broadly studied from material selection to manufacture processing will respond with a one-stop service from consultation to delivery. Leave it to us not only titanium and eyeglasses components that we have many proven track records, but also the processing for a wide variety of materials and utilization purposes. Utilizing our unique technology and vast experience, we can help you with all kinds of manufacturing.

Compatible with all specifications

We flexibly respond to customer requests referring to materials, shapes, and precision processing.

Prototypes orders available

We dedicate all of our technology to support the manufacturing of our customers.

Small lots available

Feel free to contact us for a wide variety/small-lot production. We have wide experience.

Short delivery time possible.

We deliver the highest quality products speedily.

Titanium utilization examples

For example, titanium products are used in such fields.

Medical equipments

Nursing care products

sporting goods




Electronic equipment/
Precision machinery