Questions about new requests

Q.I would like to request mirror finishing of titanium alloys.

A.We will process the product based on your drawings and specifications. Please contact us.

Q.I would like to create an item with anodized titanium.

A. If you tell us some information such your budget, target audience, etc., we can make some suggestion. In the past, we have created shoehorns and bookmarks made of titanium, by cut processing.

Q.Is it possible to apply gold plating to complex machined titanium workpieces?

A.Although it is necessary to check the surface condition and shape, basically it is possible.

Q.When I processed titanium material from overseas, the workability was poor and it cracked or broke. Is there any countermeasure?

A.Our materials are stable in processability, and problems are less likely to occur. We can send you a sample.

Q. Is it possible to create an original patterned rim?

A. Yes, it is possible. We can make it based on your designs and drawings. Please contact us.

Q.Can the titanium you handle be used for purposes other than eyeglasses? What grades of titanium are there?

A.We provide various materials and processed products, whether titanium or non-ferrous metals other than titanium. (Please contact us for processing examples.)

Q.What is the range of the diameter size for the round wires?

A.Please refer to the size chart. We will do our best to comply with requests for sizes not listed in the size chart.

Q.Is it possible to manufacture rim wires with special shapes?

A.We will consider whether it is possible to manufacture it, so please send us a drawing (handwritten possible) first.

Q.Hinge screws and brows rimlock screws will loosen.

A.We recommend the OS lock (S) or OS-HB lock, screws with anti-loosening function.

Q.The temple is fluttering and it is difficult to fold and open the temples.

A. Hinge washers made of polyacetal are effective in improving the opening and folding function of the temples.

Q.The pad screw will loosen and the pad will come off.

A.Try our OS-W Lock screw.

Q.The screw thread is damaged and it is not possible to tighten. Is there any countermeasure?

A. It is possible to apply resin to the screw part. (Minimum lot: 1,000 pieces)
Alternatively, we have some thicker screws to due with screw collapse.
(M1.3 for M1.2 / M1.5 for M1.4)

Q. The screw got stripped with a screwdriver. Is there any countermeasure?

A.Driver bits for small screws are available.
Using a Torx screw may be also a solution, because they are less likely to have the groove collapsed.

Q. I'm having trouble with the nylon thread snapping.

A.Please try our threads of hard nylon and fluorocarbon.