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About our titanium recycling

ARKE Co., Ltd.

March 6, 2024

Metal scraps such as titanium scraps were collected.



Our titanium recycling process is as follows.


✔From the perspective of SDGs, we recycle titanium scraps as additives for other metals.

(Titanium has the ability to adjust the quality of other metals.)


≪Reasons for choosing recycling for the above uses≫

– Another recycling method is the titanium remelting process. Since this method requires strict component control and measures to avoid contamination by foreign substances, it is mainly targeted at grade 1 pure titanium materials that have a clear source and are in good condition.

– It costs money to recycle pure titanium grade 2 materials used in eyeglasses, etc. and titanium alloy scraps such as β Titanium alloys back into titanium materials. Since the material is melted again, which has a large environmental impact, recycling it directly as an additive is considered to be in line with the SDGs.

– Reliable recycling is possible because we handle high-purity titanium.


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