With a spirit of pioneering and entrepreneurship,
we endeavor to meet a wide range of industries’ needs Meeting a wide range of needs

We deliver the items clients need in a more user-friendly format.

Drawing on our strengths as a materials trader supplying metal materials
and as a manufacturer with our own plant,
we offer total support for everything spanning from materials,
technical assistance, to building distribution and logistics flows.

Business scope

Sale of materials

Offering materials like high-quality titanium that are ideal for eyeglass manufacturing

Machining and manufacture of components

Advanced technical expertise and deep knowledge that have supported the growth of Fukui’s eyeglasses industry


"We draw on our expertise in eyeglass manufacturing to assist you with everything from planning to commercializing your product.

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    Our commitment to craftsmanship over the years has gone beyond the eyeglass industry
    and is now poised to support clients in numerous sectors.
    We will continue boldly working into the future.
    Regardless of your industry, if you have a challenging issue you face,
    please do not hesitate to contact us.